QQ Keno is often regarded as one of the most popular lottery games today, some people even argue that is it the most popular as it offers a lot of prizes and payouts which are based on number gaming and selection for different ranges. QQ Keno had risen with a grid with French influence with some roots in China. Keno, in the Chinese language, means 5 winning numbers.

Get Lucky & Score The Winning Numbers With QQ Keno!

If you’re a savant in the game of guessing numbers i.e. playing the lottery, you would’ve undoubtedly come across a couple of big names in the market today.

And on top of this (online) lottery mountain stands QQ Keno — a popular and reputable brand in the lottery biz in the Asia and Southeast Asia region.

The ever-popular QQ Keno, like any other modern-day lottery game, features a number-based gaming system offering rewards and payouts based on a wide range of winning requirements. In short, bet types are wide and varied so you can be sure that you’ll have plenty of chances to win!

These days, QQ Keno is able to stand toe-to-toe with the best of them when it comes to other  online gaming platforms focusing on the multitude of gambling facets like slots, live casinos, sports betting, fishing games, and so on.

But before we drone on about QQ Keno, here’s a short history lesson.


QQ Keno is available in most Asian markets, as well as in countries like Australia, Slovakia, Beijing, Malta, and Canada. A variety of draws range from the 30s, 60s, 90s, and 120s markets. And while these draw times may look time-consuming, they aren’t too bad. On the contrary, QQ Keno’s 30-second draws are relatively fast compared to other lottery games of similar ilk.

Indeed, QQ Keno is the ideal online game for both professional and casual gamblers looking to take part in quickfire rounds of lottery games.


Early Lightning Profit with QQ Keno Online Lottery Game

History has it that QQ Keno was first played in China as a means of fundraising for building the legendary wall of China, this was where its influence became more relevant. However, China placed a ban on all lottery games for a short while, which, includes QQ Keno, and this changed everyone’s motive about the game entirely. The game started finding its way back into the market when certain operators got hold of the approval form Macao in 1847, and slowly, they were able to re-introduce the game back into records.

Betting Markets

QQ Keno betting markets are available in a lot of countries, some of which are; Slovakia, Beijing, Australia, Malta, and Canada. These countries allow offers that can never be ignored. A variety of markets ranges from the 30s, 60s, 90s, and 120s.

Although these may look quite a time consuming, QQ Keno is somewhat of a relatively fast variant which takes only about 30 seconds to complete. It is awesomely suited for professional gamblers who are always ready to try more markets at a given phase.