15 Aug 2019

Mega888 is really popular in Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia, Mega888 provides players with over 150 top-quality and popular casino games from top game developers, including Evo Gaming, Big Gaming (BG), and more. This means that the Mega888 app can also play games from other entertainment industries.
This popularity is not only down to a great assortment of games, including online slots, fishing games, and table games, but also the great experience this app offers for Android and iOS users. All the games hosted on this app are perfectly optimized for mobile devices, which means mobile players will always have a great experience playing them,
Even better, the Mega88 app is easy to find and install. Within a few minutes, you should be able to access all the top-quality games presented at the Mega888 platform.

Game Selection
Talking about games, let’s discuss the assortment of games you will find on this platform.

Mega888 is among the most popular online casino platforms in Malaysia, Singapore, and most parts of Asia hosting mainly online slots games. The game comprises plenty of choices of slots and has a high win rate.
Overall, all the games on this platform are well-designed and boast of creative themes and animations matching games. In addition to this, games come with soundtracks specially customized for each game, which all work out to bring out the best gaming experience.
As mentioned earlier, the most popular type of game preferred by online gamblers on this platform is online slots. This is mainly because they have a high win rate. Players flock to slot games to try their luck.

Games Tipster
Some of the popular games you can play on Mega888 includes;

(i) 5 Fortune If you are into slot games, then 5 Fortune is a game you cannot afford to miss out on. This slow-paced online slot game with golden aesthetics on every spin has 15 pay lines as well as adjustable denomination, not to mention the free spins you can get at every corner.

(ii) 7 Crazy Also known as Crazy 7 Slot, 7 Crazy is a simple yet addictive game that you can easily learn how to play it. The simplicity of the visual designs and lack of special mechanics makes it attractive for newcomers. With only one pay line, all the user has to do is to place a bet and click spin. The game will do the rest. The appeal of this minimalist slot game makes it a great game for newbies.

(iii) 8-Ball Slots This classic has been a popular game since the dawn of the industry, and its minimalistic pool-inspired design makes it iconic and attractive to play.
Of course, the game’s design has been optimized over the years, and now it is improved and better. You just cannot resist this slot game.

(iv) Aladdin Wishes As we mentioned earlier, Mega888 is popularly known for slot games, and this is another mystical slot game that is popular among players who like fantasy games. You will find genies and flying carpets in this game, similar to those in Disney movies. It is a truly exciting game to play.

(v) African Wildlife If you like wildlife, then you will be delighted to play this game. It features different animals you can find in the zoo, and you will feel like you are on a jungle tour through Africa. This interactive video offers a spin experience you will fall in love with.

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