E-Sports betting guide for beginners

25 Jul 2019
E-Sports betting guide for beginners

Let’s kick off with our esports betting guide for beginners. If you love esports but want the chance to make some money from the action, then our beginners’ esports betting guide is the perfect place to start.

We’ll cover the very basics of betting on esports and then treat you to some useful strategies to help you avoid making too many newbie errors. Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect to find in our esports betting guide.

Why you need our Esports Betting Guide for beginners

Anybody who has spent hours playing games like League of Legends, Fortnite, Overwatch or Dota 2 will think that they have a pretty good idea of how things could pan out. But when you are betting on esports, you’ll be wagering on the best players in the world. As a result, the action is even more competitive and it can be trickier to predict what will happen.

Betting on esports is simple, but difficult to master. Just about anybody can get lucky with an esports bet. But if you are looking to make consistent wins on esports, then you are going to need some expert help.

Thankfully, we have assembled some of the most watertight tips and strategies in our esports betting guide. This means that you can side-step some of the rookie errors and instead use our esports betting guide for beginners to make some decent profits from your favorite games.

10 key strategies in our beginners’ esports betting guide

We’ll start our esports betting guide with some simple tips that are easy to put into action. Whilst there are plenty of expert strategies to use for betting on esports, it’s only by getting the basics right that you are going to progress from newbie to betting pro. So here are some quick and easy ways to put our beginners’ esports betting guide into action.

1. Focus on the game you know best

There’s a massive range of esports out there. From battle arena titles like League of Legends to first-person shooters like Counter Strike Global Offensive, you’ll find plenty of options for laying down your bets. Whilst each year produces a new game like Fortnite or Apex Legends to tempt you into making a bet, we would always recommend only betting on the games that you have a good working knowledge of.

If you have spent months getting to know all of the heroes in Overwatch, then you will be well placed to know what’s likely to happen when the match begins. Conversely, unless you know all of the rules of a complex game like League of Legends, then you aren’t going to know which bets give you the best chance of a winning result. So our esports betting guide would always recommend that you narrow the scope of your wagering to only bet on esports that you know inside-out.

2. Follow your favorite esports teams

Just like you would want to wager on the best football teams like Manchester City or Barcelona to win your football bets, it’s essential to know the talents of each competing esports team before you lay down your bets. After all, if you don’t know the past form of the esports organization that you are wagering on, then how will you know whether the betting site is offering you decent odds?

Thankfully, the competitive scene has stabilized over the past few years to present a handful of teams who always seem more likely to get a winning result. Legendary teams like Fnatic, Astralis, Cloud9, SK Telecom T1 and Faze Clan have emerged as relatively consistent teams that provide you with some safe betting options. But before you get carried away, remember that esports betting is notoriously unpredictable.

3. Get to know the key esports players

Whilst esports like CS:GO, LoL and Overwatch are undeniably team sports, it also pays to get to know some of the pro gamers a little better. In the past few years, we have seen legendary gamers like Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok and Marcelo ‘coldzera’ David put in match-winning performances for their respective teams.

As a result, it can be well worth monitoring the efforts of these gamers so that you know when they are looking likely to help you land a winning bet. Similarly, if you hear that a star player might be having a bad run of form, then you will know when to avoid putting your money down.

4. Take advantage of live esports betting

We would always recommend that you start off by making very simple prematch esports bets. But if you are feeling a little more confident, then there’s plenty to enjoy in trying out some live esports betting. By betting on esports after a match has begun, you can try and take advantage of any discrepancies between the live odds and the actual game.

The best way to do this is to find an esports betting site that has a free live streaming service from the likes of Twitch. By carefully following the on-screen action and monitoring the ever-changing odds, you could get lucky and put down your bets before the betting site has had chance to adjust the price on their bets. This tactic can take skill and patience, but it can pay off significantly.

5. Set your betting budget and stick to it

All experienced betting enthusiasts know the value of setting themselves a reasonable betting budget. They do this so that they don’t fall into the trap of accidentally wagering too much and making a foolish bet in the heat of the moment.

Such a tactic is all the more important when it comes to esports as it can be hugely unpredictable and therefore there is a good chance that you will lose your bets every now and then. But by carefully budgeting your betting, you should be able to handle the occasional loss and keep wagering in the long run.

6. Know when to use an esports betting bonus

Sometimes esports betting sites will give you a helping hand in making money from your wagering in the form of bonuses. From sign up offers to promotions for existing customers, there’s plenty to be enjoyed in using these bonuses to get a little more from your esports bets.

However, it’s worth remembering that even the simplest bonus can have strict terms and conditions about when you can use your extra betting funds. Some promotions can only be used in conjunction with some tricky odds, whilst other bonuses might not even be allowed for betting on certain esports matches. Despite this, we still think that bonuses are a great way to boost your profits, check out our recommend websites for their promotion offer.

7. Don’t just stick to match winner esports bets

Once you have mastered the basics of putting down a match winner bet, then it’s time to take things up a level. Most decent esports betting sites serve up plenty of betting options that allow you to wager on things like the correct score or whether there will be an odd or even number of maps won. As such, it dramatically boosts the number of wagering options you have.

Because of this, it means that even the tightest match can be successfully wagered on. Rather than having to bet on tight match winner odds, you might be able to find better odds for things like the first team to draw blood or the first team to get 10 kills. Don’t forget that handicap betting also gives you an excellent way to get better odds if you are determined to back the favorite.

8. Timing is everything with outright bets on esports

Just like you can place a football bet on the overall winner of the Premier League, you should also be able to wager on the champions of many esports tournaments. From the likes of the ESL One competitions to DreamHack and LoL Worlds, there’s plenty of fun to be had in making long-term predictions about who could win these esports contests.

However, it’s worth thinking about when you place your outright bets on esports competitions. If you wager too early, then there’s a chance that your preferred team could get knocked out in the qualifiers. But if you leave it too late, then the betting odds might not even be worth your time. So be sure to pay close attention to all matches and know when to lay your money down.

9. Don’t follow the herd when betting on esports

It’s all too easy to get swept up with the raw emotion of esports betting. When you’re watching massive tournaments like the League of Legends World Championship, there’s a strong temptation to put your money down on a team just because they are getting the most attention.

But this esports betting guide would always recommend that you take the time to do your own research into each competing team. Astralis have defied the doubters by coming from nowhere to become arguably the world’s best CSGO team, and there will be plenty of punters out there who will have made some decent money from backing this previously underrated team.

10. Always shop around for the best esports odds

Finally, it goes without saying that you should never put your esports bets down before you have made sure that you are wagering on the best odds possible. Obviously, it could take some time to check the odds on all of the different esports betting sites that are out there.

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